How to talk to an intimidating person

Whether you call it anxiety, discomfort, intimidation, or something else, what’s eating at you is fear.This feeling hijacks your rational thought processes, and it’s crucial to ask yourself what, , you’re afraid of if you want to get over it.When you catch your imagination running away, stop, and simply state what’s factual.

If you walk around with slightly hunched shoulders and downcast eyes, not only do you appear unsure of yourself to the rest of the world, but you also communicate that uncertainty to yourself. Think consciously about projecting confidence as you go about your day.Take note of this, inhale deeply, and say to yourself, “Danny Jones is successful and socially savvy.I feel awkward next to him, and I’m afraid I’ll look dumb.” Once you’ve been honest with yourself about what’s driving your fear, you can take action to reduce it, starting with being prepared .The underlying cause of your fear will be unique to you and may vary from one situation to another.General anxiety at the thought of interacting with highly successful people may be due to your perceived inadequacy.

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